Alright so my time in the MTC is almost up. It has been fun but I am ready to leave to bigger and better things. The past week it has been hard to focus because all I can think about is leaving to New Zealand this Monday. My teachers keep showing us pictures and videos and they are teaching us about the culture. I just keep getting more excited and more excited. The past couple of weeks I have really opened my eyes and realized why I am here. I am here to bring others unto Christ. I want everyone to love our savior and receive the blessings that this Gospel has to offer. I am so excited to make friends out in New Zealand. I have been studying in Alma Chapters 30-32. They are really good chapters. It talks about the Anti-Nephi-Lehies. They buried their weapons and would not fight against their brothers, the Lamanites. Thousands of them died because of the Lamanites. I am leearning to love people here. Every soul is great in the sight of God. I am trying to look through his eyes and love everyone. Sometimes it is hard because I get frustrated at my companions and what not. But when I think about what Jesus Christ thinks about that person, my attitude changes. I just want to go to New Zealand and share love with the people out there. I am missing home right now but that is completely normal. Two years is a long time for me to say goodbye to my family and friends. But I am ready for these bigger and better things. I want to bring all unto Christ!



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